Brand Values

Le Weekend endevours to be accountable for all of the elements of being a retail brand. And here is how I intend to do it.

Waste Reduction

I intend to create and source heirloom products so that I am not contributing to the throwaway society. Wherever possible I will source vintage items. I will use re-purposed packaging materials, any materials that are not repurposed will be fully  compositable. I also encourage you to re-use and re-purpose what you can. To read more about packaging follow this link.

People Before Profits

Making sure that things sold via Le Weekend ethical is of the utmost importance. As a consumer I definitely follow the philosophy of buy less but buy better, not just better quality but better for everyone involved in the production of that product. If that means that I have to save for a long time or go without then I do. I want to carry that philosophy through to my life as a retailer.

If I do not know the production journey of a product or a craft kit component then I cannot include it. I use smaller suppliers and pay more for craft kit components. My craft kits are not the most expensive on the market, nor are they the cheapest, to keep the retail cost down and the components ethically sourced I reduced the profit. This is something that I have often hoped larger companies would do so I would be a hypocrite if I did not do the same.

The other way that Le Weekend wants to put people before profits is by sourcing from other independent brands who share the same brand values.

Environmentally Aware

In addition to waste reduction I want to stock eco conscious and sustainable brands. Wherever I can think of a more sustainable option I will undertake it. I use natural dyes for fabric, a combinations of plants from the allotment and what would be waste from local cafes. The screen-printing is done using sustainable inks. As a company I promise I will always strive to be better. I will be responsive to new research and technologies to ensure that I am making the best possible choices.


As a mixed race Indian woman I have seen first-hand the incredibly high level of cultural appropriation that occurs in retail. At Le Weekend I will be sourcing products from people connected with and mindful of that culture.

And just so you know, here EVERY month is pride month!


Click here to contact me if you have any questions. I will get back to you as soon as I can.