What is a giclée print?

Giclée is derived from the French verb gicleur, meaning to spray. It is the term used for high quality fine art printing. The process uses high quality archival paper and highly pigmented ink. This ensures quality of reproduction and a lightfast print.

How will my print arrive?

Each print comes professionally mounted on to card with a beveled edge frame mount ready or you to display in a frame of your choice.

What makes Le Weekend different?

The concept of Le Weekend is to mindfully curate products that enhance your weekend and encourage you to reclaim your free time. As a brand supporting other independent ethical brands. Sustainability is key and this will be achieved by sourcing and creating high quality heirloom items. Using things that are already in the world such as recycling packaging. For a decade now I have been very conscious of what I buy. I buy less. I buy better. I don’t buy from companies that have poor human or environmental practices. As a retailer I intended to keep those very same principals.

Do you ship internationally?

The short answer is yes. For more details on shipping please look at the Shipping and Packaging page which goes into more detail on costs and also local taxes.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?

Not as yet, but who knows what the future holds, it is not as if I have an entire sketchbook of plans and layouts of a store or anything!

You say you are a concept store but your range is quite limited, why is that?

If I had all the money and backing in the world the shop would have launched with a lot of additional stock. I am not that woman, I am just a woman, in her 40s with a dream and a tiny budget. There will be more craft kits, more indie magazines, more indie products from eco conscious sellers. Le Weekend will grow organically and I will take you on that journey. The upside to a slower growth is I learn about my customer base as I grow and this way I hope to reduce waste. Thank you for being here at the beginning, and stick around I have big plans.

What makes Le Weekend craft kits different?

As a long term polymath crafter I have seen my fair share of craft kits. I knew it was a well-served market and that I needed to offer something different. All of the instruction booklets are littered with QR codes that take you to the right tutorial video at the right time. I wanted to make kits that left no one rage quitting. I want people to be happy and peaceful when they craft and if you quit you are making waste and you are not happy. I am mindful of every component of each kit. I know the local mill where the cloth is made. I dye the fabric with plants. I sourced high quality threads from France. My commitment to using local producers, ethical makers and natural materials is why some of the very exciting kits in the pipeline are not ready yet as sometimes you need to wait for smaller producers.