My Story


Throughout the many roles I undertook over the past 25 years, overseas development, social worker, community artist, craft author, recipe developer, educator two themes were at the core of everything I did; intentional living and creativity.

When my wibbly wobbly life path took me to Paris where I lived full time for 4 years something shifted in me. It was only whilst living in this capital city that I fully embraced the meaning of the weekend. The French taught me the preciousness of those 48 hours as a time that is supposed to be a reset, a time where you get to nurture yourself and your mind.

Like so many others, I dreamt of retail, a proper bricks and mortar shop. I knew how my shop would look, and how I would decorate it seasonally.

Then I had my lightbulb moment

I realised the dream of having a little shop was actually born out of a desire to bring a smile to a person’s face when they find a thing that sparks true joy. The treat they are giving themselves, the perfect gift they have found for someone.

I realised that I wanted to share products that encouraged people to adopt the French way of embracing the weekend.

Over my life I have become a more responsible consumer. Cutting out more and more companies that harm humans and harm the environment. As a retailer I have to bring that same ethos. So here you will not find single use plastic, products that are not sustainable, or encourage waste. To read more about the Le Weekend mission statement visit the brand values page.

And while I do not yet have a shop to hang fairy lights in, or a window to dress, what I can offer you is here: Le Weekend. A little space that will grow organically as I find or develop new beautiful  sustainable and ethical products that invite you to reclaim your free time and enrich your weekend.

And who knows what the future holds?  Perhaps one day you will be able to visit me in a shop, filled with fairy lights, and products from small independent makers and I will make you tea. Until then why not browse some art prints and take back some time to enrich your corner of the world.