A Reading Chair – Original Artwork


This original painting is part of “The Room” series. Artist Nicolette Lafonseca has always been enthralled by the idea of home.

Inspired by her walks when she would look into the windows and catch a snapshot of a life and imagine who lives in that house, what are they like? Nicolette decided to reverse engineer this process, she creates a person and paints a room for them.

The man who lives here would always spend too long in book shops. He decided that one day he would make a special place to read, a place of his very own. He often thought that in his later years he should be able to drink whiskey straight up. In truth he never really liked the taste, he much preferred the taste of Ovaltine. He filled this room with all the books he had collected over the years, all with broken spines and dog eared edges. Each one loved, each one well read and each one offering escape to many different worlds from the comfort of his place to read.


A Reading Chair – Original Artwork

This original painting is supplied in a bespoke oak frame.


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