Write To Me – Pen Pal Kit


Since childhood I have always adored sending and receiving letters. If a thing is worth saying it is worth saying on paper!

Encouraging a child to write a letter could be tricky, especially after a long week at school. This delightful gift set brings in the fun and will ignite a passion for letter writing again.

This does not only work for children but also if you have a friend far away, or are navigating a long distance relationship. I know I would use this with my lover.

A selection of pre-printed letters and postcards that can filled in and send to a loved one and they, in turn can send back. The unrivalled joy of receiving a handwritten note is the perfect gift to give.

I have never been more enthralled with a product.


This product arrives in a sturdy box, perfect as a store for your keepsake letters. Things that will be read and enjoyed for years to come.

All artwork on this product and letter designs were created by Nicolette Lafonseca.


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