Japanese Kokeshi Dolls


Japanese Kokeshi Dolls are handmade wooden dolls distinguished by a single trunk and head, with their faces and clothing painted on. Unlike most other types of dolls, Kokeshi Dolls don’t have defined hands, legs and feet, and instead resemble a very minimalistic structure. This unique structure has given Japanese Kokeshi Dolls an easily identifiable appearance, and one that is recognised across the globe.

These vintage dolls will happily adorn any home, they are incredibly cute items.

There are many stories surrounding the origin of Kokeshi Dolls. One of the most widely told tales dates back to as early as the 19th century, to the Tohoku region of Northern Japan, where it is thought that farmers would bring their children Kokeshi Dolls.

Farmers would go to hot springs in the local area during winter and those who lived near the springs would use the soft nearby wood to craft Kokeshi Dolls, which farmers would then bring back for their children.

Some believe that Kokeshi Dolls have spiritual significance as well as the power to prevent fire. This belief is mainly down to Mizuki, a very moist wood that is widely used to make Kokeshi Dolls from.


Each vintage doll is different and individually priced.

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