Looking Through – Original Artwork


This original painting is part of “The Room” series. Artist Nicolette Lafonseca has always been enthralled by the idea of home.

Inspired by her walks when she would look into the windows and catch a snapshot of a life and imagine who lives in that house, what are they like? Nicolette decided to reverse engineer this process, she creates a person and paints a room for them.

The couple who live here once stayed in an apartment in Porto in the early days of their love affair. The walls had green tiles on. She was torn the entire time between not wating to leave the bed of her new lover and wanting to sit at the table in the hall that had a blue tablecloth. In the end she decided to sit at the table and eat snacks whilst scribbling in her notebook and making promises to herself to one day write @tahat@ book. She left the door to the bedroom open so she could view her lover and in those moments, as she looked through, she decided to love them forever.


Looking Through – Original Artwork

This original painting is supplied in a bespoke oak frame.


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