Luxury Scented Candle


These candles are simply divine. They are hand poured in Shropshire using 100% plant based wax and vegan friendly dyes.

The blend of soy wax and coconut wax creates a beautiful, clean and long-lasting candle with a fabulous scent throw. The beauty of using natural products is that they possess certain qualities you won’t find in mass-produced candles, qualities which allow the natural wax to burn cleaner and longer than non-plant-based waxes such as paraffin.

These are available in four different scents.


Every candle is made with natural soy and coconut wax from sustainable sources, premium quality vegan fragrances wrapped in eco-friendly packaging and they are entirely cruelty-free. Both the glass vessels as well as the tube packaging are perfect for repurposing and reusing even after the candle has finished but everything is easily recyclable too.

The final look incorporates beautiful floral and botanical patterns, a warm modern colour palette and gold foil details which create an eye-catching aspirational home fragrance product you’ll be happy to display and enjoy in your home.

I am so proud to stock these candles with their complex scents and stunning presentation. They make the perfect gift or accompaniment to your own relaxing weekend.

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First Light, Into The Wild, Sunday Morning, The Lakehouse


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