The Red Chair – Original Painting


This original painting is part of “The Room” series. Artist Nicolette Lafonseca has always been enthralled by the idea of home.

Inspired by her walks when she would look into the windows and catch a snapshot of a life and imagine who lives in that house, what are they like? Nicolette decided to reverse engineer this process, she creates a person and paints a room for them.

The woman who lives here is blissfully single. She wears loose dresses and a pair of worn leather slipper she bought in Morocco many years ago. She tends her plants with care and ease. Meals run into one another and she noodles on her guitar an awful lot but never writes a song, even though lyrics fill her mind daily


This original painting is supplied in a bespoke oak frame.

No prints or cards have ever been made of this painting so wen you buy this you recieve a truly unique work


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